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Plexus Swag Kits
This Mini Kit comes as shown. One Lanyard - double sided printed logo. One Water Bottle - 20 oz. One Body Tape Measure - 60" long. $15 shipping included for USA residents outside of USA contact direct. To order: message: For more items visit:

Sharing your Event and Meeting photos on-line

Plexus Swag is sharing your event and meeting photo's on-line. Great way to have a look at what other Plexus Slim Ambassadors are doing and to visualize what other do. Visit the website to learn more.

plexus swag and plexus ambassador promotional items

Swag, Promotional items, freebies and giveaways are considered by many to be a critical part to advertising their business, getting noticed, gaining customers and keeping repeat business. Visual displays, merchandising and professional looking advertising, stimulate buyers to shop and spend more than they would with those that are less appealing, regardless of quality of product. Obtaining merchandise to enhance your display at event tables, and other areas that you will be showcasing your business is an affordable investment of personal preference. visit Plexus Swag

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